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Pomo - Bebe Baby's Activity Tracker (on Flash Sale NOW !)

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NOW on Flash Sale is :【Pomo - Bebe Baby's Activity Tracker
Deadline: 13th August 2018

Bebe Baby's Angel is designed by a Singapore company POMO. Parents can know what is happening on the baby and taking good care of them.

Sleep Monitoring: Tracking Baby's sleeping quality
Temperature Monitoring: Recording Baby's temperature change

Temperature Alert: When Baby is sleeping with a falling temperature, parents will be notified.
Pedometer: it counts the steps of the baby
Continuous Tracking: When baby is leaving their parents more than 15m, parents will receive an alert.


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Sensor: infra-red
Measuring time: 5 sec
Dimensions: 38.5mm x 8.4mm
Battery Capacity 90mAh
Charging Time: 2hours
Waterproof: IP55