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PETKIT Fresh 智能抗菌碗
PETKIT Fresh 智能抗菌碗
PETKIT Fresh 智能抗菌碗
PETKIT Fresh 智能抗菌碗
PETKIT Fresh 智能抗菌碗

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Pet Bowl

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PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Pet Bowl weights the exact food amount and stops more than 97% of bacteria. It was awarded by 2016 Germany RedDot and iF Design Award.

● The bowl is made of BioCleanAct™ Material, which is patented in US, can effectively inhibit the bacteria from forming constantly.
● Strong Anti-bacterial Effect Away From Diarrhea.It stops more than 97% of bacteria.
● With Petkit app manually tracking pets' information, you can get personalized feeding suggestions.
● Weigh the exact food amount. It measures 4 units (g,lb,oz,ml) and they are interchangeable.
● Best Angle Of Inclination for pets. After researching on samples of different dogs and cats, the rim of the bowl is being inclined for 5 degree to make eating more easy and simple.
●It is waterproof. For example, buttons are located inside, battery box is sealed and drainage hole as designed as honeycomb at the bottom. 
● Power saving and long lasting. The battery lasts for 2 years in maximum.
(Based on three times a day, five minutes each time; meanwhile, the quality of the batteries will also affect the service life.)

【One year Warranty】

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