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Arlo Pro Wireless Network HD Lens - anlander.com | English
Arlo Pro Wireless Network HD Lens - anlander.com | English
Arlo Pro Wireless Network HD Lens - anlander.com | English

Arlo Pro Wireless Network HD Lens

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A security guard may not be able to hold the post after 24 hours a day,but a night vision function, waterproof and dustproof wireless network camera can.Even in the storm,it can still keep your home safe.

NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless network camera has a super view of 130 degrees, coupled with infrared motion sensor, even in  dark environment, all the movement can not  escape. In addition, Arlo Pro has two-way voice, at the same timeRadio microphone and speakers. With no make-up, you can just tell the delivery guy where to put your package.

If you find any suspicious movement around,Arlo Pro will automatically send a notification via emailIssued a 100 dB warning sound, scare off suspicious characters.The biggest difference between Arlo Pro and the previous generation of Arlo is the rechargeable lithium battery, no need to connect the network cable or wall plug, charge once, last for 4-6 months, so that the real wireless operation. 

With IP65 waterproof/dustproof shell and magnet base, users can be placed in the indoor or outdoor environment. Arlo Pro provides 720p HD video capture, viewing angle of 130 degrees, more support night vision function, even in the dark environment, but also clear shooting images.

The package includes a NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless network host that connects all NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless network cameras via the host to easily manage the entire system.

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NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless network camcorder kit includes:

  • NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless lens and batteryIn the case of
  • Wall mounting accessories
  • 2V / 3.5A Wall plug set
  • Seven days free cloud video

NETGEAR Arlo Pro Wireless Network Recorder Specifications:

Resolution 1280 x 720 HD pixels
Video format H.264

Full color, CMOS, automatic black and white balance adjustment

8X digital zoom

Dynamic detection Adjustable sensitive, automatic email reminder and notification
Digital zoom can
Adjust the direction of the lens can
Night vision mode

850 nm LED light, up to 25 feet in brightness

Infrared detection function


No power cord, eliminating the trouble of wiring

Can be used continuously for 4 to 6 months

Lens angle 130 degrees
Focus range 2 feet distance fixed focal length
Can withstand temperature -4 ° to 113 ° F (-20 ° C to 45 ° C)
size 2.8 x 1.7 x 2.6 inches (72 x 44 x 66 mm)
weight 123 g