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AeraMax 寵物專用空氣淨化機
AeraMax 寵物專用空氣淨化機
AeraMax 寵物專用空氣淨化機
AeraMax 寵物專用空氣淨化機
AeraMax 寵物專用空氣淨化機
AeraMax 寵物專用空氣淨化機

AeraMax Pets Air Purifier and accessories

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USA AeraMax pets air purifier, highly reduce germs, bacteria and allergen by 99.97%. It protects the health for the Master and whole family.


● Dual Filtering System

First layer: Ultra thick activated carbon filter. It remove bad smell from pets, rubbish bin or from smoking. It filters dandruff or hair.

Second layer: HEPA filter applies the AeraSafe anti-bacterial layer.

Reduce the allergen even as small as PM0.3 by 99.97%. It stops bacteria and related diseases like SARS, flu or hepatitis. It also remove Formaldehyde by 97.8%. It can be used in the area around 225-600 feet, which is suitable for normal family or pets shop.

● 3 levels of speed, the lowest one is silence for sleeping

Size: 40.7x 43.7 x 20.7cm|Place of Origin: Taiwan

Brand Introduction:

AeraMax is a brand under USA Fellowes. It specialize in design, research and produce highly effective air purifying product. Their product is technologically advanced, high quality and efficient. Using multi-layer to clean the air is a good way to kill the bacteria, allergen and bad smell.

Fellowes, Inc. was founded 1917 in Chicago. Nowadays it has 17 subsidiaries over the world. Their products sell to more than 100 countries or region.

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